Indonesia Festival

Hey, this is a new photo, not my holiday back then hehe. So, last saturday i went to Indonesia Festival here in Melbourne. It was so crowded, many Indonesian, Asian, as well as local people. There are many Indonesian food (which made me scream haha), traditional dance, and Indo band. I really miss my home country! :( Especially the food, send me one please?
This is what i wore..

The weather is getting warm here, but actually it is unpredictable. It can be cloudy in the morning, sunny and windy in the afternoon, and cold in night. But, one thing for sure Melbourne has so many beautiful park with cute birds.
My friend, April
The hungry jacks hahaha.
And this is the event!

Saman Dance, very beautiful!

The band is from Indonesia, one of the song they sing is "Garuda di Dadaku" 
The crowd.
See, many people interested in Indonesia. We should be proud!


Melbourne: Day #3 & 4

Hey, you all !! Ouwh, i miss my blog and blog's activities sooo much! I don't have many free time like in Jakarta, because here i should do everything by myself. From cooking, washed clothes, study, and everything. And, i got my new hobby! What is it?? Cooking! yeah, it's fun! I loved to try new menu everyday hehe =) I even tried to made martabak! wowww hehe. The result is quite good (that's what my housemates said). Maybe later i will show you the pictures ok?
at Caulfield Station, near my school Monash =)

at Flinders Street
See you in Sydneyy!!


Melbourne: Day #2

Heyy, here it's come, day2!! Actually, i don't do many things in Melbourne because i should prepare for my new room there. But, it's still fun anyway! =)

Just a quick post, Adioss!!


Melbourne: Day #1

Hello! Finally i can post some pictures here =) So, i'll show you some pictures of my holiday. Start at my house and airport, just before i left..

Me and my lil' brother

Some of my friends actually come to airport to say bye but my bf took the pictures and all of the photos are blurr :(
And welcome to Melbourne!
In front of my "new house"

At train station

Me and daddy!
Ah, the spring is pretty cold here (for me) and just now i know what it looks like to have 'ice rain' or hujan es. I don't know what it is called in english.. so sorry haha.
So, keep reading my blog. Still many photos to go!