Going to La-La Land !!

Hey my dear! Forgive me for lack of updates and rarely do blogwalking :(
I'm really tired because of all the school's assignment. I don't even hang out for almost 3 weekends because of the assignment and i end up dating with my laptop the whole weekend. Sounds yuck huh? And i spend my last Sunday at State library working on assignment with some friends and move to my friend's apartment when the library is closed. One more thing, i working on the assignment until 5 am and should wake up at 7 am to due the assignment. 
What can be worse? 
Btw, these are what i wore a couple weeks ago before i become (totally) a nerd these 3 weeks.

Me with my housemate in front of Huntingdale station. Oh! my house is near this station, in case you want to know or meet me may be? :D

Summer is coming! Actually, the weather is still unpredictable here that i should check the weather outside before decided what to wear. Andddd, New Moon is coming! can't wait to see it! Yippie yay! ;)
Lastly, please wish me luck for my assignment. I hope i can get the best :D


No cynic

What's up guys? Hmm, just a quick post. 
These are photos when i was in Sydney. I'm using my old denim jacket that i bought in Bandung long time agooo in factory outlet with a very cheap price.. And just realized that it has a -kindda- wide sholder. What do you think? =)
There's not much going on in my life except school's assignment and assignment. I drown in paper and going to be nerd soon! haha, HELP! Lol.

One more, i'm currently in LOVE with David Guetta's new album. ;)
That's all folks!