Family Picture

Hi there! These are some pictures when i went to Bandung.

My family picture =)

Just a quick one! adioss!



Hey, i just realized that i don't do many post in August. So, decided to post anything i have.
Today, i went to Taman Anggrek with my family and my bf watched Orphan.
Oh, it's such a good movie! You should go and watch it, but don't watch it alone! hehe.

Btw, last dating with my bf, he bought this cool denim jacket that i really love and wanted.

And these are some photos of me and him.

Btw, which one is better? this bigger photo size or the usual one? =)
Just a quick post, adios people!


I'm thinking of Flowery

I'm using my old flower dress.
It's gonna be a lot of pictures haha. 

This is what i wore on Friday. Btw, how was your long weekend? =)
I should start packing tomorrow, buy this and that, pack everything.
I even don't know how should i start? I feels like i want to bring everything i have with me haha. And of course, want to buy everything. oohh noo!

Oh ya, have you ever been to Melbourne before? If yes, please share your experience with me.
Because, this is my first time ;) So, all i have to do now are packing and pray. 
I hope i'll get my visa before 28 Aug and everything going fine.



Hello theree!! sorry for the lack of update. I've been busy with visa's stuff to Melbourne. Oh ya, have i told you about this?  
Yup, i'm going to Melbourne for study. I'll study at Monash Caulfield and going there in September, i think it will be on 18 September hehe. 
This is my dream. So, i'm very happy about this but sad too at the same time. Left everything i have now in Jakarta and start a new life there.
But there's always a first time right? =)

Btw, i'm at Bandung now with my family (of course) but i forget to bring my usb huhu and this internet is very sloww. So, i can't upload photo until i get home @ Monday. 

So, Catch you laterr !
p.s. For my biggest fans after all, "vino" =)


DIY: Ripped Tights

Haii, finally can post something for you! =) This post is about the hot ripped tights. 
Actually, i already want to try this long time ago.. But, i just got the time and chance to do that. 

What you need: 
1. Tights (sheer/opaque is ok, i had try both)
2. Sandpaper

1. For the best result, wear it when you ripped it. 
2. After that, scrape the tights with sandpaper. Anywhere you 
like, scrape it softly. Because i got a lot of scratch because i scrape it too hard haha. 
3. Decided what kind of pattern you want for your ripped tights.

That's all! easy right? So, you should make one! hehe.  I'm sorry actually i have picture for this, but i lost it, i don't know where it is.. But, im sure you can do it cuz it's easy anyway!

If you want to ask, drop me a comment!


Moulin Rouge

This is what i wore on my birthday hehe. When my bf pick me up, he asked me to change my clothes haha. This is the first time he asked me like that. Is it that strange or what? haha.
But, i do love my own outfit ahaha. rock!haha. tell me what do you think! =)

My boyfriend took all of this picture.
Him:"uh, u never get enough of this? i'm boring and damn tired!"
Me: "I love this! Just do it, i already pose u know!!"
Him: Uuh, okay.. Only one shoot.
But, he always took a bluur pic, so..
Me: "oh, blurr again. This is your fault. So, go take one or more shoots"
I wore my lace blazer i got from a trift store, my new highwaisted jeans, diy ripped tights (i will tell you the lesson soon!). And this cropped shirt is actually my daddy's singlet haha, I just tied it up. And of course, my new honey boot!! So, catch you later!



Hello, these are some photos about my Birthdayy.. My bf really suprise me! He's just so sweet, he remembered that i always wanted a cupcake as my birthday cake and that i love baloon with various shape or cartoon =)
1 flower for 1 August

8 cupcakes for August, look closer it even have a bag, shoes, hat, and one of them written "Princess"

Piggy and Nemo Baloonss

So, he waiting for me in the car with a cake and baloon in the back of the car..

La-la-laa i'm so happy!!

Eventhough, something bad happened at night, someone stole my HP at Zara, Grand Indonesia.
So, you guys should be carefull even in a place like Zara.


Quick move!

Time flies so fast..
I'm not daddy's or mommy's little girl anymore..
I'm 18 andd

Happy birthday to meee!
and Be ready, i have something for youu!

Keep reading my blog!! Mucho Loveee!!