Hello theree!! sorry for the lack of update. I've been busy with visa's stuff to Melbourne. Oh ya, have i told you about this?  
Yup, i'm going to Melbourne for study. I'll study at Monash Caulfield and going there in September, i think it will be on 18 September hehe. 
This is my dream. So, i'm very happy about this but sad too at the same time. Left everything i have now in Jakarta and start a new life there.
But there's always a first time right? =)

Btw, i'm at Bandung now with my family (of course) but i forget to bring my usb huhu and this internet is very sloww. So, i can't upload photo until i get home @ Monday. 

So, Catch you laterr !
p.s. For my biggest fans after all, "vino" =)


  1. woow..u're going to Monash?it sounds great!!
    what major did U take?

    yes,,there's always a first time for anything..just hope you can do your best there :)

    Good luck!!

  2. yupp, it is i'm so excitedd!! hehe. I'm going to take business marketing hehe. what do you think? =)
    Thx fika and ameennnn!! hehe