Shopping Therapy

These are what i bought on Monday. I do love Monday (if i can shopping like this)hahaha. I bought the highwaisted jeans and shoes with a very cheap price (at least in my opinion).
Highwaisted Jeans

Unique dress

thx to my father ;)

And I'm totally falling in love with this super-ultra-gorgeous-cute shoes

I already try to find something like this boots like forever, and finally i got it with a cheap price, last piece, and my number. I feels so lucky haha.

Wait until i wore it! ahaha. Oh ya, for those who want to link my blog don't hesitate to do so. I'll be happy anyway :) And leave me a comment if you want to exchange link, i'll do that on weekend ok, ok?

Lastly, my birthday is coming, it's on Saturday. I feel like i don't want to move from this number. Can i be 17 forever? haha.

See you Love!


Statement !

Heyy want to know how to make these statement stuff??

Click here to know how to make statement brooch.

And click here to know how to make this statement necklace. Gud luckk!

Not in a good mood

Helloo, sorry for lack of updated, i've been so lazy this whole week. huuu... I'm not in a good mood, not even to dress up oohh noo.. But, i'm so happy since you leave me many comments hehe. So, this is what i wore yesterday (Saturday). Sorry for my uglyy face haha.

I got this stocking from my bf's sister hehe. Thanks anyway hehe. Btw, last Thursday i had reunion with some of my junior high school friends. It was crazy and full of fun!! Will post the picture later yahh.. mwach.


Rockin Kid'

Helloo there, how was your weekend? I went to Lasalle and had a presentation as a last project. I also watched "Punk in Love". It was a good movie, eventhough the sounds effect is not really good. Here are some pictures for you =)

And as a final project, we should make a brand with all others stuff and make a presentation.
This is my brand called Underneath, a bra's brand.
I hope i can show you the video presentation later.

Me, Joy, My teacher, and Gloria

I'm sure you all have heard about Jakarta Bom Blast, right? May all the victims rest in peace. We all one united, Let's together we fight this terrorism.


Fabulous !

Some of 2010's Trend from style.com . This are some pictures i liked the most.


Sonia Rykiel



Burberry Prorsum

I wish i can have one of them =) hahaha

Splash of red

Red can be an amazing touch in your monochrome clothes. Like me, i like to have a bit splash of red in my shoes or ring, etc.

Oh ya, another fashion tips for Gogirl! website, i'm really happy to be one of their fashion contributor =) Click here if you want to see, this time about the Hot Boyfriend Jeans!

Have a Good day!


Fashion tips!

Heyy, another fashion tips for Gogirl! website. I just check it hehe. Click here if you want to know. It's about How to use your shiny legging. Have funnn!!

Something Sweett

Do you know how much i love anything sweet? I mean food, like candy, chocolate, oreo, etc. Ahhh i hope it won't make me fatt :( But, everybody loves it right? hehe. Btw, this are some old photos (about a couple months ago).

Btw, my birthday is coming, it's on the 1st August hehe. I think i want to post about my birthday wishes hehe. Any idea about good present?

See yaa !!

Finally !

I miss Youu!!! hahaha. It's like 3days i haven't write or share any pictures with you and now i know how to make my internet faster. hahhaa, it's actually a stupid idea ;) Well, this is what i promise. My friend's farewell pictures.

Beatifull Esil, Cute Della, Sexy Livi, and Me

I know, I wore this white jacket too often. It's simply because i love it too much haha

Ok, catch ya laterrr !

Btw, i really happy that i have more follower now.. thx sweetheart, i love you!



Hellooooo, i'm so sad today that i can't attend my Lasalle short course huhu. Anyway, there's something wrong with my internet. I don't know why but i can't even post any photo to share and it's loading very very slowwwwlly like a turtle.. Omigodd!! I hope it will be better tomorow, sorry to disappointed you..

Nytes, dear one.. =)

SLeeppyy ~~

Heyy, good morning! I'm really tired and can't talk muchh.. Just arrived at home around 12pm after attending my friend's farewell.. Buuut, i can't help myself to tell you that my fashion tips for Gogirl! website has published! This time is about "How to wear your LBD over and over again" Check here if you want to read it. That's all people!!

Loveee yaaahhh =)


Lil' Snapshot!

Hmm, i actually don't know what to write but i want to keep update and try to give you something hehe. My plan today is going to my friend's farewell, so i will have pictures to show you tomorrow or may be tonight. Buttt, i still don't know what to wear since i just know it yesterday :(

So, this is what i wore last weekend when had dinner with my fam @ Bandar Jkt
Sorry for blluurryyyy pict hehe.

Hey, i'm trying to change my blog template. Hope i can change it and you will like it ;)



Chocolate Muffin

Yesterday i had family time; voted, having breakfast, went to GI and playing puzzle hahaha. It's been a long time since the last time i played puzzle hehe. Ok, enjoy!
This is what i wore

The delicious chocolate muffin..

Unfinished puzzle hahaha

Still working on it =)

One more thing, thank you for reading or follow my blog. I really appreciate it =)

Love you. ;)