The DIY, Bleached jeans

Yup yup yup here is come!! Today i want to share about how to make bleached vest jeans.



Step 1

Cut the sleeves first before you wash it. Don't cut it into one step, cut the front side first then the back side, follow the sewing line.

Do the same for the left side until it become sleeveless and have a vest cut.

Step 2

Now, lets begin to washed it. Use bleaching (Bayclin), spilled it all over the jeans. There is no special pattern or what, it's up to you =) and wait until it's a bit dry.

Step 3

After that, mix water with the bayclin (half of the bottle or more) and wait around 20-30 minutes. Put a rock to make sure that whole of the jeans are bleached.

Step 4

Lastly, you just need to washed it like the other clothes. May fortune be with you!


Yay yay it's done!! Mix it with black so everyone will look at your bleached jeans.

You also can repeat the bleached's step for your skinny jeans.

Gud luck girls!!!


Soon darling, SOON!

My new Menu is Coming Soon, i think im gonna write about my DIY/ creation/ experiment. hehe. So, let me prepare everything first keh..

Talk to u later, night Baby!


Gloria's Birthday :)

Todayy is my friend's birthday, Gloria!! Happy Birthday Gloo!! I just go home from Kelapa Gading, hang out with my old friends. You can't imagine how much i miss them hehe. Unfortunately, i don't have any pictures with my friend but i will share what i wore today and i will give you the detail and pictures about her birthday later hehe.

Btw, my BF went to Singapore today and will go home on Sunday, miss him already :) !

See yaa xoxo


Gogirl! event

Sorry for the lack of update, i've been busy lately.. not busy with job or school, but hang out! one word, FUN! ;) But, look at the good side. I have enough picture to share hehe.

First, i want to show you some pictures about Gogirl! event, it was a veryyy awesome event! the models, the judges, the band, the show and everything! Actually, this is the first time that i went to event like this, and i really like it! I will go to event like this again, so much fun!
Ok, i will describe this event. First, the theme of this event is Together in Neverland and the dresscode is Pirates, Lost Boy, Fairies, Indian. Sooo, i decided to wore "Pirates" eventhough my clothes is not really pirates, i just use something in red, black, and stripes.
This is what i wore

I bought the jacket one day before and decide what to wear in the morning!! haha.

And this is the picture about the event ;)

and the most hectic one is Maliq and the Essential, but sorry can't show you the picture today,later k?


Uuuh, tired!!

Sorry!! Can't talk much, but i have many photos to share!! Yippiee!! Yesterday, i went to Gogirl! Look and had so much fun there! Singing, dancing, and manyy mooree.. Buttt, i don't think my friend have so much fun like i do.. huhuhu. Cheers Baby!!

Ok, see u laterrrr!


Hey, sorry i haven't got any picture about myself to share. So, this is another fashion leader, Marc Jacob. I really adore him, only one word for him Brilliant !
Here is picture that show his creativeness and another side of him.

Take a look at his arm! Yup, Spongebob tattoo!! hahaha, it's very cute and hmm unbelievable!! He is Unique!

This one is very creative. Yeah, save your ass! hahaha

Using skirt? Why not? He absolutely know how to grab attention ;)

And, This is him with his boyfriend! weewww! He dare to show 'his relationship'.

See yaaa..!!

The candidates of Indonesia's President

Right now, i'm watching the debate between the candidates. It's an improvement, because there's no such this thing before. And it's quite interesting to see them debate with each other and of course to make us know about their mission and perspective.

And here is the candidates.

Megawati - No.1

SBY - No.2

Jusuf Kalla - No.3

So, don't forget to vote and vote smartly love!


My creation

One day when i was hang out with my friend and went to one store, i saw a vest jeans. Something like this.

Buttt, it's very expensive! And i remember that i have a jeans jacket when i was a little that still fit with me that i never wore. So, i decided to make a DIY to have a vest jeans.

And this is the result.

I know it's different because i just take some important points. First, a jeans that have a vest cut. Next, have a bleach colour. So, that's what i got! hehehe. May be i should have another menu, to tell you about how to make it. Next time okaaii?



Thx dear!

I just read something in my friend's blog. It's really touched me hehe. You can read about what she talked about me here .

Btw, let's talked about her. Her name is Gloria, she was one of my classmates in high school and she used to sit next to me. She is a very cheerful and creative person. She also made me realize my passion in fashion, and she really kind to help me to pursuit my dreams in fashion (of course!).

yeah, that is Me and Gloria. We were in Lasalle styling competition and i really thank her to kindly asked me even i'm not longer student in her school. That's why i have a short course in Lasalle because we won a 3rd place.

One more thing, i always love her style and her collection called Jii. I think, one day she will become someone like Nikicio (famous designer in Indonesia and Asia) or more. And i will be so proud to become her friend.
Love Love.

Blank moment

I don't have anything to say, i'm sorry. Hope i can write something later ok.
Have a nice day!


Graduation Dayy

I shouldn't be this lazy. My graduation is about 2 weeks ago and i post all the photos just now. hehe. This is the pictures.

All my friends, i'm gonna miss you all. Actually, i miss them now.

The certificate, but we haven't got the result yet. So, still dag dig dug.

One of my teacher, my favourite one. I also miss him, he is a very good teacher.

This is a closer look about my dress, i prepared the dress about 4 hour before. So i decided just to wear a very simple cothes.

Use your LBD and mix it with touch of gold and you instantly Glamour!! That's all for now, i must go to gym ;)



What a long weekend!

Yesterday, i went to Lasalle (i have a short course there, a fashion business) and no one of my friends was there, only my teacher! huhuhu. It's because my friend should attend their graduation,so my teacher decided to cancel the class and the class finished earlier. I don't know what to do, but fortunately my teacher is really nice and friendly. I have a lil chit chat about fashion with her at starbucks :) After that, i went to airport with my boyfriend and some friends to say good bye to my friend, then i went to saloon to accompany my bf. Last but not least, i had a dinner with family and still with my bf. What a good bf i have! =)

This is what i wore on Saturday

And todayyy, i went to Pekan Raya Jakarta (PRJ) with my family. PRJ is an event to celebrate Jakarta's birthday. Actually, there's nothing muc i can do except eat that, eat this, and eat. Sorry, i can't talk much tonight, so i will leave you with a picture, night!

she's good! =)

(without) Bangs! Bangs!

If you look at all my photos, i always with my bangs hhahaha. Because i think it's strange and i feel ugly without my bangs ;) But, i will show you some pictures.

Surprised, surprised!


So, what do you think? is it good or bad? hehehe =) See You!



Something that you should have now! but i will keep it until i write it to one of the hottest web!hahaha. i know, i'm annoying! Oh yah,i will write about jumpsuit to cheer you!

I really like to have one, i know it has been a trend since 2months ago or more, but why i haven't bought it? Because no one really fit with me! I'm sure i should find one, ASAP!
And this is a very good jumpsuit's picture, well its a trend too right? ;)
Oh the color is sooo electric!! yeah it's electric blue! nice one!

The jumpsuit is soo perfect and comfortable (i think) hahaha. And with the model that used it make it look even better! I love the way they used it with blazer and scarf,nice nice nice!

OMG! they wore it to Red Carpet? i absolutely should have it! =)

That's it for today, mucho love!