First thing First

Wow, 2010 is coming! Hmm, let's review a bit about 2009 (for me). 
I can say that 2009 is a good year for me. One of my biggest dreams since senior high school comes true, here i am studying in Melbourne. And i also working on my passion about fashion through this blog. My study has been good this whole year, at least i always score a good mark. God answer all my pray :)
I can say that i have (almost) a perfect life here, for me it's perfect enough, can't ask for more.
I have such a good friends, even though i really miss my family and life back then. 
But, we still need some goals so life can be more exciting right? :D
1/ i want to get a good mark in school and hopes that i can make the right decision about what major i will take later. 
2/ i want to make my parents proud of me :)
3/ hmm, have a job may be? A good one, i hope
4/ Have more and more new friends
I can't talk about all of my goals, it will be so long haha. 
So, how about yours? :)

Btw, these are my pictures 2 days ago in a very sunny day in front of my friend's apartment. 
And the cigarette is not mine. 
I'm not smoking :)

Me and April

Me and Sam
So, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 
Meet you next year, and have a blast!
Love ya!



Hii!! So sorry for being such a bad blogger, i really don't have much free time here :(
Every time i open my laptop, it's just for doing assignment and assignment. I feels like 24 hours is not enough to do everything. And i really sleepless, sometimes i sleep at 4am and need to get up at 7am, damn! Especially when the next day i should submit assignment, even some of my friend didn't sleep at all! aarghh!
So, if i have a free time (actually i don't really have one) i will treat my self with shopping and have a good food! yum yum! :)
Oh ya, holiday is coming! I'm so happy! At least i can breath for a while, even i still need to study and work on my assignment during holiday yucks! 
Btw, these are my photo i took 2 weeks ago in a very unpredictable day in Melbourne!
It's cloudy at morning, heavy rain in the afternoon for a few hours and the rest of the day is very sunny!

Sorry for keep holding my bangs, its really windy out there :D

I wore a cardigan and a jacket because it's very cold in the morning, hot and windy in the afternoon (and i know that). So, i just need to take off my jacket hahaaha.
Having an ice cream in the garden of my house x)

Do you realize that i'm gain some weight? hahaha.
Till then guys, love you as always!