Me surely love February !!

Why i love february? because i spend most of this month in Jakarta! what a bless :D
And i always looking for a 'simple yet stylish' outfit during in jakarta, since i don't bring many clothes with me hehe. So, i decided to wear a leopard shirt that my mom has and a pink bodycon skirt. What do you think? :D


Picnic !

Hey hooo!! What's up all? I miss my "blogging time" soooo much!! :D
I'm currently in Jakarta until 23 February. Couldn't be more happy!!
But still, i can't go to the blogger's meet up because i had this family gathering last sunday huhuu.
Yesterday, i met some of my old friends (aka my best friends ever!) : Jn, Nia, and Mike. We really had a great time together and i hopes i can hang out with them before Mike back to Yogyakarta.
Btw, as always, i forget to bring my memory card reader with me. So, i can't post my new pictures till i get back to Melb. But, i still have some of my pictures in Melbourne. This picture taken when i had a picnic with some friends in a park. We ate sandwiches, a nice chit chat and play around. So much fun! (Even though the weather is really terrible, it was so HOT!)

I can't believe i have 55 followers! I know, i've been a bad blogger, i rarely do blogwalkin and reply your comment. But, i will try my best to keep updating!
Last thing, i'm still waiting for my result this semester, please pray for me. :)
PS. For JN, thx for following my blog and hopes this -oh finally a new- post will keep you following me! <3