Hei people! This is a random post about hmm nothing? haha. No no,it's more about Melbourne if someday you go here. What i like about Melbourne is there are a lot of cool shops or boutique here. I got a few brand that i fell in love with. A reasonable price and i thought a bit cheaper than the others, not really cheap (of course!) if you compare it to Indonesia.
The brand is Supre, it's a Australia's brand. Just click here if you want to check.
These are some good clothes that i want.
Rock yet pink ;) Love it!
Cropped singlet. I'm thinking of using it during summer with a skirt and jacket or blazer. Oh i really should buy it!
Love the graphic picture and you can use something like this with almost everything.
I love a jeans skirt. I think i can wear it simply with oversized tee to go to campus, not too much right? Simply stylish. And the jumpsuit, i always looking for the one. The right jumpsuit that can fit me perfectly. i hope i can find one.
And what i bought..
A simple shape yet fantastic printed. And what i like the most is, it got a low back shape. Just exactly what i'm looking for, and they have this singlet model with many various printed. The first one is a loose lace singlet, i love lace. Im thinking of wearing it with everything haha.
This brand actually sell a random basic stuff which i like because it makes us the boss. We can do everything, mix, match and play. 
Will talk about other brand later, see ya!


New Adventure!

Hellooww!! Sorry for "missing" me for almost 2 weeks. I've been in holiday with my family, not really a holiday actually ;) So, on 18th September i went to Melbourne with my family, they actually accompany me because i'm going to study here (Melbourne). And it's also a holiday for us hehe. Then, on 21th Sept we also went to Sydney and we back to melbourne on 25. 
It's really a fun holiday!

So, now i'm here without my family and boyfriend around. Sad? Of course! But, now i live in a shared house so i have some house mate and they all really friendly and helpful! =)
Thanks God, because i can't do anything even using a vacuum cleaner or oven haha.

Ok, one more thing. I have good and bad news. The good news is i have soooo many pictures to share! With a good view around melbourne and sydney! But, the bad news is i forgot to bring my card readerrr! oh noo, how can i transfer the pictures from my camera to my pc? Any idea? Because i don't know how to buy a card reader here and i afraid that it's gonna be expensive.
So,please pray for me so i can solve this problem.
Till then! xoxo 


Last Saturday Night

Hello there! Sorry for lack of update these 2 months, i really busy and so lazy to dress up because all of my clothes were already in my suitcase. So, it's kindda difficult to find your clothes without ruined it.
Btw, this my last weekend :( I went to GI (as usual) with my bf ; watched Final Destination in 3d, play at Amazon (i always play here almost every dating,stupid huh?), and went to BrightSpot. BrightSpot is really surprised me, full of inspiring and fashion people and good stuff. I mean it! Unfortunately, my pocket is empty and also my credit card that going to overlimit (soon). So, here i am "A desperate shopaholic".
And i also went to Senci to meet my girls, Gloria, Patricia, and Je-A.

Sorry, i taken the picture above by myself with self-timer. So, not really good huh.

Patricia and Gloria
Me and my Bf (yup chubbier every week)

And, i got this flower from my bf! Actually, he often gives me flower and it seems to be the last flower from him. I love lily, because my room can be full of its' scent and it is a strong flower compare to rose and others. It can life more than a week (for just put in water)

Before that, i have lunch with my bf at my house. He brings one of my favorite noodles, CweMie and i made him my special Chocolorena in our "King and Queen" glasses. 

What a sweet day i have! hehe. 
See you soon!


Shocking Blue?

This are what i wore last weekend, actually i don't know what to wear. I changed my clothes a lot, until my bf come i still don't know what to wear. I feels blank. No inspiration or even idea. Then, he angry and made a choice for me haha. So, this is not my choice but him. What do you think?
Try new bag from my bf :)

I Love ice cream. Every time i went to Mall or especially dating, eating ice cream is like a ritual. It's a must! Usually i only eat once, but this time i eat twice! Cold stone's ice cream is really yummy, i love their mint (very similar to Baskin!). 

Do i look fat?


What's going on..

Sorry, for a very lack of updates lately.. I've been busy with everything since i will going to Melbourne in 15 days... Oh, time flies so fast, i don't even realize. 
There's still many things i want to do here :) But for now, i should concentrate on packing and finish everything like put off my braces, and visa (yeah, i haven't got it!). You know how much these things disturb me every night?
This are 3 suitcases that i will bring.
one is large size, and 2 medium size.
Btw, this is what i got from my boyfriend. A Rotelli bag, because i need a big bag to uni hehe.
What i bought from Endorse, 2 weeks ago..
A jacket, yup in purple!
And this is what i got from my mom, my facial set =)
Oh ya, last weekend, i watched Cin(T)a and it was a very meaningful movie! 
Eventhough the actress (i think) is not bring the mood of this movie in such a good way, but the movie itself makes me think of some new hmm opinion or idea. You see their tagline, God is a director? They even said that God is also an architect. I also love the way their express love and see the second picture? They like to express their feelings in a finger. Unique huh? 
So, it's a triangle love kindda movie. Between You, Your Couple, and God.
When something like this happened in your life, which one will you choose? what will you do?
Oh must watched movie!