New Adventure!

Hellooww!! Sorry for "missing" me for almost 2 weeks. I've been in holiday with my family, not really a holiday actually ;) So, on 18th September i went to Melbourne with my family, they actually accompany me because i'm going to study here (Melbourne). And it's also a holiday for us hehe. Then, on 21th Sept we also went to Sydney and we back to melbourne on 25. 
It's really a fun holiday!

So, now i'm here without my family and boyfriend around. Sad? Of course! But, now i live in a shared house so i have some house mate and they all really friendly and helpful! =)
Thanks God, because i can't do anything even using a vacuum cleaner or oven haha.

Ok, one more thing. I have good and bad news. The good news is i have soooo many pictures to share! With a good view around melbourne and sydney! But, the bad news is i forgot to bring my card readerrr! oh noo, how can i transfer the pictures from my camera to my pc? Any idea? Because i don't know how to buy a card reader here and i afraid that it's gonna be expensive.
So,please pray for me so i can solve this problem.
Till then! xoxo 


  1. waa..ud dimelbourne yaa..
    good luck buat studynya..
    hope you have a fab life there ;)

    anw,,ud coba pake kabel data blum?aq biasanya pake kabel data..hehe

  2. aku punya ide,
    minta tolong teman buat masukin photo2 kamu ke situs / website photo share atau masukin ke account photobucket kamu, jd kamu bisa tetep ambil photo dr mana pun ,cukup buka photobucketnya aja :D

    anyway, good luck for studying there ;)

  3. ya ampun. aku salah. maaf" ralat ide di atas,

    jadi, kalo kamu ada laptop, coba periksa, ada slot untuk card readernya atau engga,setau aku pasti ada, jd coba masukin memory card kamu kesitu.pasti bisa.
    atau kalo ga ada, kamu pinjem card reader temen housemate kamu ,sambil kenalan lebih jauh sama mereka :D

  4. @ fika: kabel data tuh yg kayak apa yah?hehe. thx yah
    @fitri: ya ampun, kamu mpe repot2 ralat ide nya,thank you bgt yah =) iya nhe aku kan pake mac, payah gk ada slot nya gitu huhu. yup,i think i'll just borrow it ;)

  5. setiap kamera tuh biasanya dapet kabel data kak :) or maybe you can borrow from your house mate hihi.