Hei people! This is a random post about hmm nothing? haha. No no,it's more about Melbourne if someday you go here. What i like about Melbourne is there are a lot of cool shops or boutique here. I got a few brand that i fell in love with. A reasonable price and i thought a bit cheaper than the others, not really cheap (of course!) if you compare it to Indonesia.
The brand is Supre, it's a Australia's brand. Just click here if you want to check.
These are some good clothes that i want.
Rock yet pink ;) Love it!
Cropped singlet. I'm thinking of using it during summer with a skirt and jacket or blazer. Oh i really should buy it!
Love the graphic picture and you can use something like this with almost everything.
I love a jeans skirt. I think i can wear it simply with oversized tee to go to campus, not too much right? Simply stylish. And the jumpsuit, i always looking for the one. The right jumpsuit that can fit me perfectly. i hope i can find one.
And what i bought..
A simple shape yet fantastic printed. And what i like the most is, it got a low back shape. Just exactly what i'm looking for, and they have this singlet model with many various printed. The first one is a loose lace singlet, i love lace. Im thinking of wearing it with everything haha.
This brand actually sell a random basic stuff which i like because it makes us the boss. We can do everything, mix, match and play. 
Will talk about other brand later, see ya!


  1. Love your taste and your style.
    Do you mind exchanging links,dear?

  2. hey sweety!wish u were here and we can go on a competition again together!

  3. oo, i wish i could own that marvelous thing!

  4. @ sabila: ooh me too dear!!
    @ringa: let's exchange linkk :)
    @Gloria: i wish i can join the competition too, you know how much i like that kind of competition! Gud luckk ! xoxo
    @alita: me too =)