Melbourne: Day #1

Hello! Finally i can post some pictures here =) So, i'll show you some pictures of my holiday. Start at my house and airport, just before i left..

Me and my lil' brother

Some of my friends actually come to airport to say bye but my bf took the pictures and all of the photos are blurr :(
And welcome to Melbourne!
In front of my "new house"

At train station

Me and daddy!
Ah, the spring is pretty cold here (for me) and just now i know what it looks like to have 'ice rain' or hujan es. I don't know what it is called in english.. so sorry haha.
So, keep reading my blog. Still many photos to go!


  1. how's melbourne? are you happy there? :D

    love the color combination of purple-pink!! :D
    really look great on you

  2. aww,love the outfits.So colorful and girly !
    And it might be hard to say goodbye to your friends but I'm happy for your fresh start !

  3. @fika: yup, im happy =) thx for asking fika hehe. me too, i just found that purple-pink is soo gorgeous! :)
    @julls: Thanks a bunchh julls! xoxo

  4. i love you skirt like much muchy! was the trip fun?

  5. thanks onic hehe, i bought it in jakarta in the last day before i left hehe.it's so much funn!you should go here =)

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  7. i really adore u terrific gurl
    ur style and such a sweet gurl :))
    purple blazer,awesome pink skirt and yeah lovely ur socks with sneaker again