Melbourne: Day #2

Heyy, here it's come, day2!! Actually, i don't do many things in Melbourne because i should prepare for my new room there. But, it's still fun anyway! =)

Just a quick post, Adioss!!


  1. love your outfit devi!!

    wondering who took your picture there?hihi
    anw,,take a pic of your room when you finished working on it :D..I think it will be a nice post..hihihi

  2. love your outift ;) seems you have a great holiday

  3. darling! kamu pindah ke melbourne? me too! :) baru seminggu kesini.. ambil skola dmana dear? we should meet up :)

  4. i really love what you were wearing ! it suits you very nice :)

  5. @sugahpuff : thanks!
    @ fika : thanks fika, my brother took it and sometimes my father did hehe, yup i think the same too! actually, my room already finished from last week and already become a mess now hehe.
    @shirley & sabila : thanks darling.. =)
    @ michelle : iya sayang aku uda di melb nhe hehe. aku udah 2 minggu disni, ambil di monash hehe. km dmna? ayu kita bertemu!

  6. gyaa i want to go to aussie ! x) you look so great btw . those leggings are cool !

  7. sorry dev baru reply, sibuk kul nih =(
    lo juga kan ya? met yaa dah nyampe =)
    btw blazernya bagus =)

  8. @ becky: thx dear you can make it too! the ripped leggings is a diy, just go to my DIY/ experiment menu =)
    @velo: thx velo, iya aku juga nhe sibuk baru mulai kul pusingg! hehe. gud luck for your studyy!
    @ eva: thankss ;)

  9. geez.,je adore u gurl :DD
    amazing scarf,dangerous tights,adorable blazer,awesome necklaces,belt .love all of it.
    biissouuus xoxoxox

  10. DO WANT your blazer! And your tights aswell :D Melbourne is such a lovely city, shame I was only there for a couple of days D: I hope you have lotsa fun there!