Indonesia Festival

Hey, this is a new photo, not my holiday back then hehe. So, last saturday i went to Indonesia Festival here in Melbourne. It was so crowded, many Indonesian, Asian, as well as local people. There are many Indonesian food (which made me scream haha), traditional dance, and Indo band. I really miss my home country! :( Especially the food, send me one please?
This is what i wore..

The weather is getting warm here, but actually it is unpredictable. It can be cloudy in the morning, sunny and windy in the afternoon, and cold in night. But, one thing for sure Melbourne has so many beautiful park with cute birds.
My friend, April
The hungry jacks hahaha.
And this is the event!

Saman Dance, very beautiful!

The band is from Indonesia, one of the song they sing is "Garuda di Dadaku" 
The crowd.
See, many people interested in Indonesia. We should be proud!


  1. love your outfit!! you always pick a great color on your outfit..I like that :D

    anw, fto di trotoar yg di ksh efek sephia kereeeen bgt devi !! :D

  2. @gloria: me too dearr! I wish I was there n join the competition with youu! Hehe.
    @fika: wooww thx sweetyyy! Iya yah?hehe tp gaya aku nya kyk aneh gituuh!hehe.

  3. Hi,i've seen you on lookbook^^ nice style =)

  4. @marschmallows & alita: Thx darlingg =)

  5. wow! great show and great outfit of yours. love it.me proud of being indonesian!

  6. Thx myrrh, love your style too! rockk!

  7. Wew it seems like you're happy there! Nice to know that :)) What a cool outfit!

  8. I love that pink skirt!! You have a great sense of style, I'm sure going to keep an eye on your blog :)

  9. @ eva: yup i'm happy, it's my dream =) thx dearr !
    @ nina: you are so sweet nina :D and thx for being my follower xoxo