Melbourne: Day #3 & 4

Hey, you all !! Ouwh, i miss my blog and blog's activities sooo much! I don't have many free time like in Jakarta, because here i should do everything by myself. From cooking, washed clothes, study, and everything. And, i got my new hobby! What is it?? Cooking! yeah, it's fun! I loved to try new menu everyday hehe =) I even tried to made martabak! wowww hehe. The result is quite good (that's what my housemates said). Maybe later i will show you the pictures ok?
at Caulfield Station, near my school Monash =)

at Flinders Street
See you in Sydneyy!!


  1. I can bet your life got busier.But that;s normal..and I'm happy you found this great hobby !

  2. @julls: thanks julls, yup I love my new hobbyy :)
    @michelle: soon darlingg! :)

  3. je adore whole the outfits,
    adorable black leather jacket and hell yeah red glasses,socks and sneaker are again :DD
    let's being nice friend .,.,