Hii!! So sorry for being such a bad blogger, i really don't have much free time here :(
Every time i open my laptop, it's just for doing assignment and assignment. I feels like 24 hours is not enough to do everything. And i really sleepless, sometimes i sleep at 4am and need to get up at 7am, damn! Especially when the next day i should submit assignment, even some of my friend didn't sleep at all! aarghh!
So, if i have a free time (actually i don't really have one) i will treat my self with shopping and have a good food! yum yum! :)
Oh ya, holiday is coming! I'm so happy! At least i can breath for a while, even i still need to study and work on my assignment during holiday yucks! 
Btw, these are my photo i took 2 weeks ago in a very unpredictable day in Melbourne!
It's cloudy at morning, heavy rain in the afternoon for a few hours and the rest of the day is very sunny!

Sorry for keep holding my bangs, its really windy out there :D

I wore a cardigan and a jacket because it's very cold in the morning, hot and windy in the afternoon (and i know that). So, i just need to take off my jacket hahaaha.
Having an ice cream in the garden of my house x)

Do you realize that i'm gain some weight? hahaha.
Till then guys, love you as always!


  1. pink color really look great on your skin!! :)

    anw,,when will you come back to jakarta?we were planning a blogger meet up :D..hehe

  2. aww looks great...

    nice outfits.

    visit my blog if you want :)


  3. @fika: thanks you darlinggg! ;) i'll be back around early february i guess. when is the blogger meet up? im so excitedddd x)
    @muhammad: thanks dude! i will! ;)

  4. hey devi! cute pink tops! ihihi :)

    don't forget to visit me back :D


  5. Arrgh talking about the weather, indonesia is such the worst one. The sun shines so brightly in the morning but suddenly the storm&lightning come out -,-
    Love all of your pictures so much dev!! Btw, i've followed and linked your blog :)

  6. i luv u're leather jacket dear....
    u looks so awesome...

    i've follow u...

  7. Good luck for your assignments dear :) And I love your outfit , especially the jacket :D

  8. The outfit is so simple but still so great ! and the leather jacket is perfect !

  9. Re: sure!! we will held another meet up on February..so we can meet each other :D..really want to meet you dear :)..
    actually michellehendra from miss chelle will be back to Indo on the end of jan, she ask for a meet up too..so, I think it will be 3rd blogger meet up on feb..hahaha..
    can't to see youu!! :D..

  10. the jacket and sneakers are hot !
    love the shot with you againts the graffiti background :D

    where do u live ?
    u're from indo right ?

    thanks for sharing this with us !

    visit my blog + comment + follow !
    GLISTERS AND BLISTERS. blogspot . com

  11. deviii!! uda aku link baby, hihihi :)

  12. @ piping: i already visit and will link yours too! ;)
    @ eva: thanx eva, i had link yours too sweetyyy
    @ novita: thank you so much for following me my dear, my pleasure!
    @ becky & julls: thank you ;)
    @ fika: yeah! actually, i already met michelle hendra here! so meet you in february bebh! ah can't wait!
    @michelle: thanx michelle, i'm from indo but live in melbourne now, im study here :)

  13. sure sure!! can;t wait to see you too!! :D..anw,,do you have facebook or twiiter? so,we can easily connected each other, esp to arrange the meet up :D

  14. hey devi, do you go to monash university in melbourne? what major are you taking? i'm a newbie in monash college, and pretty confused with the majors haha. do you hv any suggestion or what? thx!

  15. @ fika: i already add you in facebook dear :)
    @ sartob: im still taking diploma part 2 here bebh, and im taking business hehe. so, are you still in college part 1? i thought you need to decide which major in part 2 semester 2? hmm, just add my facebook to have a lil chit chat, nonachentil@hotmail.com :)

  16. no wonder the scenery is familiar to me !
    i loved going to melbourne . what do u study there ?
    ada twitter nga ??

    kl ada add gw dong @glister_blister

  17. gk ada syggg huhuhu, tp i already add your facebook! hehe.
    i'm studying business hehe. next time kalo maenn kesini kita ketemuan yahh :)

  18. oo masih part 2? business? same here :) added dev :) approve ya :)