First thing First

Wow, 2010 is coming! Hmm, let's review a bit about 2009 (for me). 
I can say that 2009 is a good year for me. One of my biggest dreams since senior high school comes true, here i am studying in Melbourne. And i also working on my passion about fashion through this blog. My study has been good this whole year, at least i always score a good mark. God answer all my pray :)
I can say that i have (almost) a perfect life here, for me it's perfect enough, can't ask for more.
I have such a good friends, even though i really miss my family and life back then. 
But, we still need some goals so life can be more exciting right? :D
1/ i want to get a good mark in school and hopes that i can make the right decision about what major i will take later. 
2/ i want to make my parents proud of me :)
3/ hmm, have a job may be? A good one, i hope
4/ Have more and more new friends
I can't talk about all of my goals, it will be so long haha. 
So, how about yours? :)

Btw, these are my pictures 2 days ago in a very sunny day in front of my friend's apartment. 
And the cigarette is not mine. 
I'm not smoking :)

Me and April

Me and Sam
So, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 
Meet you next year, and have a blast!
Love ya!


  1. i love the peach dress under the checked shirt !

  2. hmm you are really into your outfit devi :)) by the way happy christmas! HAPPY HOLIDAY!

  3. wooouw...u always look so adorable dear :)
    luv all u're style :)

  4. Thanx all my dearestt friend! Marry christmas too!! have a wonderful holidayy!! :) xoxo

  5. I really love your pink tank . Too cute :))
    I also love your blog here
    where are you now ?
    do you mind exchanging links with me ?

  6. thx sabila, you always wear a cute clothes as well! :)
    i'm currently studying at melbourne dear, hehe. of course let's exchange link! :)

  7. wow your blog is great .
    love the pics , they are so cool :)
    btw, wanna exchange link?

  8. happy new year sexy!post ur new baby (shoes) right away!!!haha!

  9. cool pictures !
    love your style , great mix and match :)
    wanna exchange link with me?

  10. heyy pretty girl!! you looks fab as always :)

    can't wait to see you when you're back to jakarta..hehe

    anw,I tagged you in my post about self reflections..please do it if you don't mind ;)..
    Happy New Year!!! :D

  11. @ astor & ariyani: let's exchange link :)
    @ gloria: i will glo! hahaha.
    @ fika: Thanks fikaa :D Me too! can't wait to see other bloggers, so excited! hehe. yup, i'll do it! thx for tag mee :D Happy new year!

  12. Wow Your Blog is Awesome.You Always Wear Beautiful Cloths.