Not a good beginning


Sorry for looks so stupid, haha. Btw, how was your new year? :D
I went to Sensation in New Year Eve, a big party in Melbourne. It was so crowded, every one should wear white clothes, that's why the theme is "Ocean of White".
I will post the picture later!

This month has been a very tough one for me. I have exams from 27-30 January and especially because i begin this new year with troubles. A lot of troubles.
Just like my title, not a good beginning. I really regret it.
Its actually about my personal life, something changed. It feels so different.
It's actually me that change a lot here, but it follows with other changes in my life. The domino effect. I hate myself for these. I hate myself for being such a bad person.
I hope it won't ruined my mood to study, i don't want to make my parents disappointed with me, i already disappointed my closest person. I hope i can fix it.

Let's just skip my sad story haha.
I bought myself some new stuff in Boxing Day (26 Dec).
Boxing day is when every shop in Melbourne and Australia have a huge discount!
So i bought a hat, a lot of new accessories, shoes, bag and clothes.

My new born baby shoes! yayy!

I can't post all of my new baby here, because i haven't wear them :)
Oh ya, i'm going back to Jakarta :D 31 Jan - 23 Feb save the date for me! :)
Oh ya, Fika from Sweet Escape tag me in self reflection question. But i think i'll do it later, i'm really in a bad mood. I don't want to write " i hate myself" 8 times haha.

Wish for a better day today and tomorrow!
Love ya!


  1. Wow you're going back to Jakarta? Great! We'll arrange another bloggers meet up for you then hehe. Btw, it's just so late i think but happy new year ya! Good luck for your test! Nice bracelets :)

  2. the bangles are so cute . especially for the animal printed one . where did you buy it, sist ? :]

  3. whaaa..those new baby are awesome!! love them all!! esp the shoes, pearl necklace with pink pendant,the rings,,aaahh I loove everything!! haha

    can't to see you when you come back to jakarta!! :)

    Happy New year !! :D

  4. what a ring!!!!!totally wanna steal it!hahaha!im going to syd on feb.r u on holiday?

  5. woah you're coming to jakarta ? cool ! you should joing the blogger meet up happening at the end of Jan/begginging of Feb .

    email me ur hp number/bbm pin so i can contact you !
    or add me on facebook :D

    thanks for the comment you wrote on my blog .
    keep posting more inspirations !

    much love from .
    glisters and blisters :D

  6. just found ur blog today and i love it! u hav cool, laid back, cute sense of style and ur accessories makes me so jealous!! keep posting dear (:

  7. @ eva: yeahh please arrange onee! i really want to meet you guyss! :)
    @ fashion block: i bought it at Diva in Melbourne darling, may be you should check Diva in Indo :D
    @ anastasya: yess they are, thxx!! :)
    @ fika: yeahh, introduce my new babyy!hihihi. me too, can't wait to see other bloggers! :D
    @agatha: when? cuz im actually going back to indo glo, meet me there!
    @ michelle: yeah i really want to, i think i already add you on fb? i'll check :D
    @ gabby: ah thx to dropping by and leave a comment gabby! really appreciate it ;)

  8. darling.. ku juga 31 jan - 21 feb sih.. :) hehee kita ketemu ya di jakarta.. :))

    smooch.. btw, kmu belanja banyak banget!


  9. I'm so in love with all your accessories!

    I hope things work out for you soon ... I don't think a pretty girl like you should have so many troubling thoughts?!

  10. cool! love all ur accessories :))


  11. i freakin' love your jewelry collection :D
    thanks for dropping by at my blog !
    glisters and blisters :D
    dont forget to check out my latest post on my vlog DIY Tutorial of my Patchwork Jeans !

  12. i love thats bracelets so muach !!!
    anyway, ive link your blog :)
    dont forget to link my blog too :)

  13. nice necklaces! love it girl!


  14. devi, whoaa kewl accessories!! love them all!! hihihi!! can't wait for u to get back to jakarta :DD


  15. like your acessories!


  16. Happy new year ! :) Love your new shoes !

  17. ow dear God,

    I ADOREEEE your animal print banglessss!

  18. aku turun 3 kg baby boo disini.. hohoho cute shoes ! :)
    balik indo juga?

  19. http://fauxhuman.blogspot.com/