Alexa Chung,im in Love!

I'm currrently in Love with Alexa Chung, she is so inspiring and clearly have a unique and different style. She can match her clothes with a very good way, and it's very interesting..

Eventhough her style is one of a kind, can you see the similarity from her overall looks?first, she looks a bit boyish (I think) and she likes to use blazer and jacket, especially leather jacket and dark blue or black blazer. Next, she use to wear a dark colour, like black, dark blue, grey, brown, white sometimes, and mostly stripes. Her style is very casual,comfortable, simple, stylish, edgy and rock in a way. One more thing is her bag. She often use a bag that have similar shape, square that always looks vintage and classic. she has a complete look!! love love!


  1. GOTTA LOVE HER ... Her style is one of a kind if i could pull of half of the things she can i'll be a v.happy girl :)


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