The DIY, Bleached jeans

Yup yup yup here is come!! Today i want to share about how to make bleached vest jeans.



Step 1

Cut the sleeves first before you wash it. Don't cut it into one step, cut the front side first then the back side, follow the sewing line.

Do the same for the left side until it become sleeveless and have a vest cut.

Step 2

Now, lets begin to washed it. Use bleaching (Bayclin), spilled it all over the jeans. There is no special pattern or what, it's up to you =) and wait until it's a bit dry.

Step 3

After that, mix water with the bayclin (half of the bottle or more) and wait around 20-30 minutes. Put a rock to make sure that whole of the jeans are bleached.

Step 4

Lastly, you just need to washed it like the other clothes. May fortune be with you!


Yay yay it's done!! Mix it with black so everyone will look at your bleached jeans.

You also can repeat the bleached's step for your skinny jeans.

Gud luck girls!!!


  1. saya juga punya atasan jeans yg tangan panjang itu, mw di make over, tapi sayang bgt ni. Gimana ya kira"

  2. kalau kamu syg gunting2 na, di bleached ajah gimana? juga bgus koq, kamu bisa bikin kyk zara punya.. atau coba tempel studed2 atao beads gitu juga bguss saii..;)

  3. akhirnyaaa dipost juga hihihi..

    u're fantasticly stylish and amazingly beautiful .
    i'm so jealous hehehe

    approve friend request aku di fesbuk ya darlaaa . It's Andina Nurrizki .

    about the layout , itu ngedownload aja beib . dari btemplates.com

  4. aku udah approve syg di fb hehe. iya aku udah liad di btmplates bgus2 yah jadi binun hahaha.
    don't be jealous dear, smua org cantik koq, kamu jga cantik n stylish bgt! =)

  5. halo.. mau nanya, yang di kasih bayclean jadi yang corak putih atau ngereverse? kok di gambar coraknya putih, tapi pas foto kamu pake jadi dasarnya yang putih ya? thank you befoooree very nice tips i'm going to try it :))

  6. kan pertama nya dikasih pemutih dluan itu yang akan jadi dsar plg putih, nah step rendam bayclin yg ke2 itu yang akan jadi coraknya.. karena waktu direndam bayclin lg kan yang pertama udah putih akan jadi makin putih hehe, smoga ngebantu yah saii.. show me the result :)

  7. inspiring bangedd,,makasii :)

    tp aku coba pas di bleach yang sebelum kena air itu bisa,, tp pas direndam knp ga luntur2 yah jeansnya? ampe aku coba ngerendem 2x. yg kedua kali malah coba rendem seharian gt, tp gk luntur2 pas di rendam sama air :(

  8. mgkin pemutih kamu krg banyak sai? coba kamu banyakin dhe, cuz bisa perlu sampe 1 botol gitu apaklgi kalo bahan jeans km tebel bgt hehe