Should I give up or what?

I'm sorry for lack of update. There's something wrong with my internet but i already fix it. Ok, not me but the customer service hehe. Today,I was so busy from one place to another, but im so happy because i found a treasure! I bought an animal print bludru, but still don't know what should i made from it. I will post the photo later yah.. So, here is another pictures from last Saturday. I was in Lasalle had a short course with Gloria and her sister. So, hang out with Agatha family i guess hehe =)

I really don't know what to wore, i woke up late that day so i can't even think about my clothes. Then, i decided to wore my Lbd, denim shirt, and sneaker to make it less girlie.

Agatha's sister

So, bye everyone. catch ya later..!!


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  1. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool..