Shopping Therapy

These are what i bought on Monday. I do love Monday (if i can shopping like this)hahaha. I bought the highwaisted jeans and shoes with a very cheap price (at least in my opinion).
Highwaisted Jeans

Unique dress

thx to my father ;)

And I'm totally falling in love with this super-ultra-gorgeous-cute shoes

I already try to find something like this boots like forever, and finally i got it with a cheap price, last piece, and my number. I feels so lucky haha.

Wait until i wore it! ahaha. Oh ya, for those who want to link my blog don't hesitate to do so. I'll be happy anyway :) And leave me a comment if you want to exchange link, i'll do that on weekend ok, ok?

Lastly, my birthday is coming, it's on Saturday. I feel like i don't want to move from this number. Can i be 17 forever? haha.

See you Love!


  1. woow..u're just so lucky about the boots..
    it's awesome..can't wait to see U wear it..I bet it must be great..u're just so good at mix&match :)

    anw,I've already link Ur blog yaaa :)..

  2. very unique dress, i want that dress girl....


  3. wow gw jg nyari tuh boots yg mirip doc martens, huhuhuhuhu tapi ga ketemu2 kalo beli online gw serem ntar ga muat. itu beli dimana dan berapa hrganya? ahhh i'm so jealous hahahaha

  4. @ Fika: thx Fika, u make me blusshinnn :)
    @inbert: yup, one of a kind hehe
    @febrina: iya gw jga masi rada serem beli online, males juga c sbenerna datangnya lamaaa hehe. tp pgen coba kapan2 hehe. itu beli di mitchybelle tp uda last piece, for only 164.000!! ahaha.

  5. i've link your blog..please follow me back! :)
    lucky you, you could get the boots from mitchybelle with such an affordable price.love it!

  6. thxx bebhhh!! yup i feels so luckkkyyy yayyyy!