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Today is sooo exciting!! Like usually Saturday is time for my fashion business class. Meet my lovely friend Gloria, her sweet sister, and my friendly teacher, and of course my others friend. It's also soo fun and crazy that me and Gloria take some interesting picture in some side of Lasalle. Lasalle is full of creative people and i adore them =) Hmm, and Gloria gave me my skirt, OMG i love it! Unfortunately, it's a bit bigger in my hips and Gloria said I'm too curvy hahaha. So, i can't wear it now, she's still fix it. Thx darlinggggg ............
Proudly wearing Jii by Gloria Agatha

OMG very artsyyyy!!

Pose like a stupid, crazy manequin hahaha

This one is what i actually wearing (my skirt) and as a bonus what Gloria wearing ;)

Do you realize that my skirt and Gloria's jeans are the same material and color? =)

The fashion people!

After that i went to Ex and PI to meet my friends and my bf's sisters! You can't imagine how nerveous i am! hehe.

Too much photos in one day? hahaha im sorry guys, i don't know why but i'm very active, energic, and excited today hehe. So, see you soon! have a nice weekend!!

note. Oh nooo! i forget to pay the skirtt ahahaha. i'm sorry Gloria. I'll pay you on Monday! Lots of love for you ;)

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