DIY BLeach jeans II

Hey hey, i want to inform you about my bleach tips. Because i don't know why i can't log in to GoGirl! account, then i can't answer your question. So, i hope you read this and if you have any question, you can post a comment in my blog or email me at nonachentil@hotmail.com .

First, you can try to bleach any type of your clothes and some types of material like jeans. You can bleach your jacket, jeans, etc. and it will be better if you bleached jeans material or you can experiment any other material =)

Second, for type of jeans that can be bleached is depend. You should bleached "the real jeans material". Usually the type of jeans is thick, don't choose 'a look like jeans' like a fabric that have denim color.

Third, the same thing also happened to my friend when she bleached her jeans and it turns out to be brown instead of 'washed'. May be you can try to put more bleaching (Bayclin) and submerged a bit longer. But, if its still turn out to be yellow, brown, etc may be the problem is in your type of jeans.

Last but not least, may luck be with you!

Psst, the secret is in your luck, because the result won't be the same between you and other person.
Gud luck!! =)