Happy yay yay!

I'm so happy today when i saw my tips as a fashion contributor for Gogirl! web has published!! please kindly check here. it's actually the same with my older post about DIY Bleached jeans. But i'm happy anyway =) hehe

So, according to my experience and related to my last post, i know what the answer about my last question "should i give up or what?" and the answer is NO!! It's not the right time to give up! May be it's hard to achieve what you want, your dreams. That's why u called it DREAM right? if it easy to achieve, you won't call it dreams but wants.
So, never give up your dreams!
Ok, back to our fitting room. This what i wore a couple weeks ago, i forget haha. Yes, i look like Minnie Mouse here hahaa. Enjoy!

So, i hope i can share another happy stories with you!

So muchh looovveeee !