Thx dear!

I just read something in my friend's blog. It's really touched me hehe. You can read about what she talked about me here .

Btw, let's talked about her. Her name is Gloria, she was one of my classmates in high school and she used to sit next to me. She is a very cheerful and creative person. She also made me realize my passion in fashion, and she really kind to help me to pursuit my dreams in fashion (of course!).

yeah, that is Me and Gloria. We were in Lasalle styling competition and i really thank her to kindly asked me even i'm not longer student in her school. That's why i have a short course in Lasalle because we won a 3rd place.

One more thing, i always love her style and her collection called Jii. I think, one day she will become someone like Nikicio (famous designer in Indonesia and Asia) or more. And i will be so proud to become her friend.
Love Love.

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