Gogirl! event

Sorry for the lack of update, i've been busy lately.. not busy with job or school, but hang out! one word, FUN! ;) But, look at the good side. I have enough picture to share hehe.

First, i want to show you some pictures about Gogirl! event, it was a veryyy awesome event! the models, the judges, the band, the show and everything! Actually, this is the first time that i went to event like this, and i really like it! I will go to event like this again, so much fun!
Ok, i will describe this event. First, the theme of this event is Together in Neverland and the dresscode is Pirates, Lost Boy, Fairies, Indian. Sooo, i decided to wore "Pirates" eventhough my clothes is not really pirates, i just use something in red, black, and stripes.
This is what i wore

I bought the jacket one day before and decide what to wear in the morning!! haha.

And this is the picture about the event ;)

and the most hectic one is Maliq and the Essential, but sorry can't show you the picture today,later k?


  1. sandal gladi abu-abunyaa lucuuu dehhh...
    beli dimnaaaa say ?

  2. itu belinya udah lamaaa c, waktu itu beli di mitchybelle =) hehehe