I'm a big fans of Blazer and Jacket!

Yeah, i'm totally 'addicted' in blazer and jacket. I used these too often, I already gave you some pictures when i wore one of them, and i will give you more. So, you can see that i used it too often and i hope you won't get bored ;) I don't know why, but i feel like if you wear a jacket/blazer, it will totally change your look. One example, if you just don't know what to wear and feeling like tshirt and jeans is enough; try to used a jacked and voila! You look stylish now! hehe. I don't know why but it's just my opinion and my advice is "Find a jacket/blazer that suit your body". Trust me, you will need it someday.
So, this is the way i used my jacket and blazer.

Please,excuse my terrible face ahaha.

Yeah, i know it's spongebob that 'hanging' in my door! ahahah

So, are you interested? But, i'm sure that many people out there started to use blazer and jacket too as it's a trend now! And, this is something 'to-die-for' =)

yeah,the collar that i'm in love withh..

And this jackett is soo perfect! Would you kindly to send me one?

And Agyness wear it perfectly! i'm jealous!! ahh i really want ittt!! I will buy it, soon i hope, but I will !

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