Driving License

Actually, there's nothing special about today, actually its kinda boring. I woke up very early to made a driving license, oh thx God U make it very easy for me hehe. I'm almost doing nothing to made it, i only have to wait and smile for the photo ;)

So, there's nothing special about my clothes as i'm not a person that like to dress up everywhere i go. It depends on the place. After that, i went to gym for 2 hours and go home, im so tired!
Eventhough i haven't any picture from today's clothes, i still have many picture to share hehe.

I bought this bag about 2/3 months ago (i forget) because of Alexa Chung! yeah,she really influence me, and actually because of the Geldof sisters too (i'm gonna write about them next time).

Here is Alexa Chung with her Briefcase bag.

She's so lovely!! And i know that my bag is very similar to her (that's why i like it!) but i think the material/ the leather is very different. And here is myself.

Eventhough, i like Alexa very much, it doesnt mean im copying her. You can see that i wore it in a very different way ;)

That's all for today, xoxo!


  1. Hi Devi...

    I loooove your style .
    I think it's really FANTABULOUS !

    I think u should post how to DIY ur jeans .
    Coz it looks so darn good ^^ .

    Hope u will post it soon .
    Coz I would really like to try .


  2. yess baby! wait for my new menu ;)
    keep reading my blog,love yaa