What a long weekend!

Yesterday, i went to Lasalle (i have a short course there, a fashion business) and no one of my friends was there, only my teacher! huhuhu. It's because my friend should attend their graduation,so my teacher decided to cancel the class and the class finished earlier. I don't know what to do, but fortunately my teacher is really nice and friendly. I have a lil chit chat about fashion with her at starbucks :) After that, i went to airport with my boyfriend and some friends to say good bye to my friend, then i went to saloon to accompany my bf. Last but not least, i had a dinner with family and still with my bf. What a good bf i have! =)

This is what i wore on Saturday

And todayyy, i went to Pekan Raya Jakarta (PRJ) with my family. PRJ is an event to celebrate Jakarta's birthday. Actually, there's nothing muc i can do except eat that, eat this, and eat. Sorry, i can't talk much tonight, so i will leave you with a picture, night!

she's good! =)

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