I'm thinking of Flowery

I'm using my old flower dress.
It's gonna be a lot of pictures haha. 

This is what i wore on Friday. Btw, how was your long weekend? =)
I should start packing tomorrow, buy this and that, pack everything.
I even don't know how should i start? I feels like i want to bring everything i have with me haha. And of course, want to buy everything. oohh noo!

Oh ya, have you ever been to Melbourne before? If yes, please share your experience with me.
Because, this is my first time ;) So, all i have to do now are packing and pray. 
I hope i'll get my visa before 28 Aug and everything going fine.


  1. ngapain sist ke melbourne??
    ada job yah..hehe :)

  2. @e.b.o.d: not darling, for study hehe.but i'd love to have job in there too haha
    @gloria: yup, gw beli brp minggu lalu c haha

  3. very cute dress. and where did you get the shoes? gorgeous! <3
    good luck for everything in melbourne =]

  4. thankk youu! =) i got it from Mitchybelle, such a treasure for me hehe.
    and u're gorgeous too dearrr!!