DIY: Ripped Tights

Haii, finally can post something for you! =) This post is about the hot ripped tights. 
Actually, i already want to try this long time ago.. But, i just got the time and chance to do that. 

What you need: 
1. Tights (sheer/opaque is ok, i had try both)
2. Sandpaper

1. For the best result, wear it when you ripped it. 
2. After that, scrape the tights with sandpaper. Anywhere you 
like, scrape it softly. Because i got a lot of scratch because i scrape it too hard haha. 
3. Decided what kind of pattern you want for your ripped tights.

That's all! easy right? So, you should make one! hehe.  I'm sorry actually i have picture for this, but i lost it, i don't know where it is.. But, im sure you can do it cuz it's easy anyway!

If you want to ask, drop me a comment!


  1. itu bolonginnya juga pake sandpaper kah?
    ga digunting yaa?

  2. iya syg, aku sama sx gak pke gunting semua pake sandpaper hehe.. krn klo pake sandpaper bakal ada effect2 garisnya kayak di kaki sebelah kanan kalo dari layar hehe. waktu maw digosok rada kamu tarik tights nya yahh =) gud luck!

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