Moulin Rouge

This is what i wore on my birthday hehe. When my bf pick me up, he asked me to change my clothes haha. This is the first time he asked me like that. Is it that strange or what? haha.
But, i do love my own outfit ahaha. rock!haha. tell me what do you think! =)

My boyfriend took all of this picture.
Him:"uh, u never get enough of this? i'm boring and damn tired!"
Me: "I love this! Just do it, i already pose u know!!"
Him: Uuh, okay.. Only one shoot.
But, he always took a bluur pic, so..
Me: "oh, blurr again. This is your fault. So, go take one or more shoots"
I wore my lace blazer i got from a trift store, my new highwaisted jeans, diy ripped tights (i will tell you the lesson soon!). And this cropped shirt is actually my daddy's singlet haha, I just tied it up. And of course, my new honey boot!! So, catch you later!


  1. i love your outfit..

  2. @Gloria: awww!! thx Glo =) smoga gw bisa jadi rocker ahaha
    @poe: thxx dear!

  3. two thumbs up buat ripped tightsnyaaa :) mind to exchange links?

  4. Wow I like your style and Nice cropped tops hohoho....


  5. argh! keren deh...
    you rock gal!! =D
    wanna exchange links?
    i am linking yours now!
    thanks dear...

  6. Velo, kamu juga keren and creative bgt! =)
    ok, i'll link you too dear.. nice to know youuu!!

  7. hey dear, ive linked ur blog ;)
    nice outfit u got!
    i love this one. dig it so<33

  8. thx nia, i already link yours too! nice to know youu =))