the beginning

How to work this out?

I know it's silly that my first entry is jus a -tes tes- hahaha. but what can i say? never use this before and i hope i will getting use to it as time goes by.. hehe. So,this blog will be as simple as u can see until i can do something 'technological' (why i use that words?) to make it even better..

Hmm, i dont know yet what can of blog this, yup not even decided yet hahha. i think i will just go with the flow and share some stories and pictures i have..

Btw, my name is Devi, a17 years old girl who love fashion,dress up, and ice creaammm!! i am a student in one of the foundation school in jakarta.

What i wear?

This is what i wear on my lastdate (11 Jan '09) before exam huhuu. but im so happy wearing a new clothes and a lovely shoes from my bf (thx soo much)! Not much i can do because my bf is sick in last hour.. get well soon dear.. ;)

May be my photo won't be in order because my final exam is coming, so i don't have much time to playing around..

*gud nite sweetie heart*

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