Chinese new year

I do a lot of things in chinese new year, asked for the 'angpao' and taking so many2 pictures wit my cousins. tis is one of them..

Me the one with the hat, decided to use a singlet with high waist skirt and a belt haaaahah. it's a bit funny in fact because i dress up just to go to her ouse, which is next to my house. but it's kind of tradition to used a new clothes and a bit dress up in tis special occassion.

note. im not really wore a new clothes because the singlet is my mother's and it's not new! don't tell my father eehhehe.

and this one is my cousin that we (the girls) trying to make him like jason mraz

Hahahah btw he is wearing a girl's jacket..

ok see u soon..

nyte sweetie heart

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